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About Our Elder Care Services

Pro-Active Eldercare is dedicated to assisting elders and their families in meeting their care needs. We have many years of experience working with seniors in their homes as well as formal healthcare settings. We have extensive experience in caring for people with Alzheimer’s Disease or related disorders. Utilize our expertise to ensure your loved one gets the quality care they deserve and you expect.

Meet Joanne Fontaine, RN, BSN, CCM

Joanne​Following years of experience as Program Director for several Dementia Special Care Units, Joanne opened Pro-Active Eldercare. She calls upon her professional knowledge in the field of dementia, and personal experience as caregiver for her grandmother, to work with caregivers of those diagnosed with a dementing illness.

As well as providing educational services on Alzheimer’s disease to families and professionals, Joanne created the Alzheimer’s Survival Kits — a way for caregivers to provide meaningful, failure-free activities with patients and loved ones. The kits are designed to help provide a sense of purpose and well-being, and promote positive outcomes that impact the quality of life for the people you care for and care about.

Ann Marie Crafts, RN, joined Pro-Active Eldercare in January of 2016.

Anne MarieAnn Marie has been a nurse for over 30 years and has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that she readily shares with her clients and families. She approaches clients and family members with compassion and understanding that come not only from her years of nursing experience, but also from having been a patient and family member herself. She is thorough and detail-oriented and works tirelessly to guide her clients through the maze that is our healthcare system.

Ann Marie has seen how Alzheimer’s and other dementias can take their toll on patients and their families. She works with families to provide education and counsel through all stages of the disease, from the newly diagnosed through end of life care. Her interventions assist in decreasing the stress of the caregivers and improving the quality of life for their loved one.

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